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6 Ways to Make Great Use of Leftover Coffee Grounds

For many people, a cup of excellent coffee is an essential start to every day. While once upon a time instant coffee granules were the norm, in recent years more and more coffee is made at home with freshly ground beans. This results in a much tastier cup, but also poses a question: what to do with all the leftover coffee grounds? We w88 ทาง เข้า ฝาก เงินmake quite a bit of bulletproof coffee when we need a boost, so we’re always looking for quick ways to dispose of it quickly and environmentally safe.

While of course you could simply throw them into the garbage, that would be a sad waste, as spent coffee grounds can be put to many clever uses around the home. Here are just six of the best ways of using this deceptively valuable waste product.

An Easy Fridge Deodorizer

Even the most spotlessly clean refrigerator can pick up the odors of strong foods stored within it. A simple cup of used grounds at the back of your refrigerator will help soak u p’ any bad odors, leaving your fridge smelling crisp and fresh.

A Useful Garden Compost Addition

Coffee grounds contain high levels of carbon, nitrogen, and other essential plant nutrients that make them ideal for adding to a compost heap. They are quick to break down when mixed well with other more traditional compost ingredients, adding both bulk and texture along with the nutrients. Be aware though that coffee is fairly acidic, so you may need to balance this out with an addition of lime or similar if your garden soil already has a low PH level.

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w88 ทาง เข้า ฝาก เงินFood Trucks need to Be regularly Inspected for Rodents and other Hazards

Food Trucks and carts are becoming all the rage throughout the USA, particularly in Portland, Oregon, where they are a staple to many people’s lunch and dinners throughout the year. Portland has dedicated large city blocks to food truck vendors and such and they haven’t taken the city by storm with their food offerings.

Many folks love the fact that you can walk down a 400ft long sidewalk and get to choose from 15-20 different types of authentic foods and not have to worry about getting seated and leaving a tip. But some things are unseen in these high paced environments and we’re urging folks to really think about the consequences of these types of eating environments.

We ran across a blog post on the Health Inspectors Handbook blog about what every food cart should be inspected for, and we think either the City of Portland or a Car inspection company in portland should carry out thorough inspections in order to ensure these food trucks are clean and not emitting fumes into the environment that don’t need to be there.

This also includes rodents, pests and bugs that really should be taken care of before anyone even starts to cook in these types of situations. I think that the city needs to conduct monthly, routine truck inspections (or at least hire a local company to conduct the car inspections with their rigorous lists) and make sure everyone is passing with flying colors, even truck with w88 ทาง เข้า ฝาก เงินbad/salvage titles Read More


3 Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas (and Matcha or Kratom Teas) to Enjoy

Post courtesy of Momming.com – Follow them on Social media on Pinterest, Instagram and Bloglovin for more Recipes, lifestyle and Mom stuff!

If you’re trying a vegan diet for the first time, it can be hard to decide what to eat at each meal. You might wonder how you’ll replace your usual breakfast without using any animal products Even as a longtime vegan, you might find yourself bored with your regular fare and keen to spice things up. The five ideas below should provide some much-needed inspiration and help you get your day off to a healthy, delicious, cruelty-free start.